It’s a Wicked World

Project management is not just around the completion of sprint and deliverables. It’s a complex system with various stakeholders, who hold goals at different levels and perceived the impact diversely. Through It’s a Wicked World, we tried to create a platform where stakeholders, goals, deliverables, impact assessment and connections across all of these could be visualized, edited and presented.

Phase I: Research and Brainstorm

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At the beginning, we picked a 3D metaphor, combining stadium, airport, and runway. Each project is a “runway” with stakeholders surrounds it. Layers on the top of each stakeholder are their deliverables and impact reference. This metaphor later was transferred to a 2D layout. At the same time, we also did research on current project management tools and data visualization methods.

Phase II: Play around qualitative data visualization

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The first challenge we tried to solve was how to visualize different attributes in projects. Including stakeholder+goal, internal deliverables, external outputs, project impact and impact assessment. This also helped us identify what’s the most suitable data for this platform. As a result, we end up with four main sections, stakeholder, goal, deliverable and impact assessment.

Phase III: Grouping and interaction

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After we finalize the rule for each qualitative data, we started working on different ways of grouping for better project management purpose. Such as, deliverables could be arranged as topic, internal/external or status; stakeholders could be arranged by organization, name, role and relationships.

Eventually, we worked on interacting with this platform: what happens when a user hovers on, clicks, right clicks and double clicks on an item; how project manager could create an item and manage it.