Workshops and Lectures

Malone, Toby. “Dramaturgy in the Archives: the Stratford Festival Prompt-Book Collection.  Renaissance Workshop, University of Waterloo Department of English. Waterloo, ON. October 3, 2014.

Malone, Toby. “Here We Are Now, Entertain Us: Dramaturgy, the Theatre, and an Audience Full of Critics.” Fluxible: A User Experience Event. Kitchener, ON. September 14 2014.

Malone, Toby. Moderator, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream and King Lear.Minds Transfigured”: The 33rd Annual Teachers-Festival Liaison Council. Stratford Festival, October 3, 2014 (with Maev Beaty, Brad Hodder, and Bethany Jillard).

Malone, Toby. Keynote Speaker, “The Shakespearean Dramaturg.” Toronto Arts and Letters Club Literary Table. Toronto Arts and Letters Club, Toronto, April 12 2015.

Malone, Toby. Keynote Speaker, “Making Fit: Dramaturgy, Adaptation, and Audience Care.” The Toronto Round Table series. Trinity College, Toronto, May 13 2015.

Malone, Toby. Panel Member, “Shakespeare.” Stratford Festival Faculty Day, Stratford, May 23 2014 (with Tim Carroll).